Modern Real-Time Data Stack

Typical Application Scenarios

Real-time Data Visualization

Suited to track KPIs and other vital metrics, DingoDB allows users to build BI dashboards and scorecards to track company goals and metrics in real-time. Provide a quick and concise way to measure KPIs and indicate how a company is progressing to meet its goals. Moreover, to see where to make changes to achieve goals.

Real-time Interactive Analysis

Business end-users make interactive data queries and probe data to extract trends and insights from historical and current findings to drive valuable data-driven decisions. People like HR managers, sales representatives, and marketers can directly make data-driven decisions by DingoDB powered self-service business intelligence tools.

Real-time Artificial intelligence

AI and machine learning emulate complex tasks executed by human brains. This practice uses statistics, database systems, and machine learning to uncover patterns in large datasets stored on DingoDB. Data mining also requires pre-processing of data by DingoDB.

Multidimensional real-time data analysis

Analysts are BI power users, and they use centralized company data paired with DingoDB and powerful analytics tools to understand where opportunities for improvement exist and what strategic recommendations to propose to company leadership.